A1 Variable Frequency Drive



1 Excellent control performance
◆ Support induction motor(IM) and synchronous motor(PM) control
◆ Speed control of SVC (Sensorless vector control) and FVC (Feedback vector control with encoder) : Speed regulation range of SVC is 1:100 and FVC is 1:1000
◆ Support torque control of SVC mode and FVC mode
◆ Speed fluctuation in speed control mode:± 3rpm; torque accuracy in torque mode:± 5%
2 Flexible software functions
◆ Multiple commond types:Local, Terminal, Communication
◆ Up to 16 different constant speeds can be set and selected
◆ general PID controller for process control
◆ Provide free programming module and parameter interconnection, which can be combined and matched freely according to the on-site process
◆ Integrated characteristic functions, such as adaptive speed with load, anti sway control, Smooth rotation, etc
◆ Contains the control module (CM) and the power module (PM), different power types and application types can be composed conveniently
◆ Support multiple communication protocols:Modbus、CANopen
◆ Status display via LCDs on the Operator Panel in Chinese and English,Support commissioning software based PC——Boneng DriveSoft
3 Strong environmental adaptability
◆ Slim booksize structure to meet side-by-side installation requirements in electrical cabinets
◆ Built-in A-class filter (optional), and external filter, meeting the strict electromagnetic level requirements
◆ No electronic components in the radiator, more powerful heat dissipation effect
◆ Built-in high altitude automatic adjustment function, can be used normally at an altitude of 4000m
4 Advanced modular design for fast delivery
5 Easy to use and maintainion
◆ Screw free crimping type of IO terminals can be connected and maintained without screw drive
◆ Detachable power terminal, power cable easy to installed conveniently
◆ 105 ° long-life electrolytic capacitor, extending trouble free service life
◆ Advanced semiconductor module and MCU, extremely low failure rate quality assurance
6 Classic application
◆ Single axle drive requiring high precision speed control,Such as cranes, stackers, hoists, extruders, grinders, mixers, crushers, wire drawing machines, plate rolling machines, centrifuges, material transportation, handling, fan pumps , etc.

Technical Specifications


Complete structure

The drive is composed of some different functional modules. The main modules of the drive are as follows:
◆ Power Module(PM)
◆ Control Module(CM)
◆ Operation Panel(OP) (Optional)
◆ Other optional accessories
The PM and the CM are the two necessary modules that composed drive

Power Module

PM25 Power Module
◆ The PM25 power module includes a built-in brake chopper and its efficiency is 95%~97%. Can be installed by wall-mounted, it suits for the general electrical equipment

◆ Ordering data

NOTE: The pm25 modules of built-in filter has no spot stock, please consults the manufacturer if need.

Control Module

CM25 Control Module
◆ CM25 control module provides speed and torque control with or without speed sensor (positioning function), multiple V/F control of different line types, provides rich interfaces ,such as 10ch-DI , 2ch-DQ, 2ch-AI, 2ch-AQ, and support modbus、CANopen

◆ Ordering Data

CM22 Control Module
◆ CM22 control module supports closed-loop control functions, it designed for general applications, provides VF or vector control mode(SVC and FVC), support modbus communication and Incremental photoelectric encoder.

◆ Ordering data: The ordering data of CM22 control module is A1-CM22-MB-PE
CM23 Control Module
◆ CM23 control module is mainly aimed at the lifting industry. As a special machine for hoist, the digital input is compatible with DC24V, AC36v and AC48v. It can not only provide V / F control, but also support vector control (FVC and SVC), support modbus communication, incremental photoelectric encoder and lifting related characteristic functions.

◆ Ordering data: The ordering data of CM23 control module is A1-CM23-MB-PE

Operation Panel

OP25 Operation Panel
◆ TThe OP25 operation panel uses 128*64-point array LCD to display, that can debug and monitor the drive, as well as configuring kinds of parameters. (also supporting extensive line connection, After the cabinet door installation component is selected)

◆ The ordering data of OP25 is A1-OP25.