AM Series Drives

AM drive is a 3-phase 380VAC economical inverter published by Boneng corporation, which meet the low cost、small power and small volume market demand. The series of inverters which have excellent performance, powerful function, high power density and other advantages, can be widely used in cranes, stacker, hoist, extruder, grinding machine, mixer, crusher, wire drawing machine, plate winding machine, centrifuge, material conveying, handling, fan pump and other equipment or industries.


1 User-friendly
2 Realiable quality
3 Excellent performance
4 Compact construction
◆ AM drive power density is optimized. We compare it with A1 series drives in the same power(About 50% of volume off).
◆ Support seamless side-by-side installation in the minimum space,which can greatly reduce the size of the control cabinet.

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